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Understanding Creditsafe Ratings & Credit Limits

Understanding Creditsafe Ratings & Credit Limits

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What is the Creditsafe Rating?

The Creditsafe Rating is a highly predictive algorithm that measures a business’s ability to pay on-time. Utilizing the latest advanced statistical techniques, it combines key variables such as: trade payment information, public information, industry sector analysis, and other performance indicators

What does the Creditsafe Rating predict?

The Creditsafe Rating predicts the likelihood of a business failure. Our definition of failure is when a company’s payment behavior becomes seriously delinquent (defined as 90+ days beyond terms) within the next 12 months or that the business will go bankrupt.

How was the Creditsafe Rating created?

Created by our in-house analytics division, the Creditsafe Rating is a statistically backed model. Leveraging key data variables, each proven to have an impact when a business fails. These variables include financials, trade payments, demographic, industry, legal filings, group structure, size of business and more.

What does a Creditsafe Rating mean?

The Creditsafe Rating scores businesses from 0 to 100 scale which directly correlates to a relational level of risk. A higher score indicates a lower the risk of default or bankruptcy while a lower score identifies higher risk of default or bankruptcy. To allow quick decision-making, we have color coded our risk bandings by severity in which red indicates high-risk and green indicates low risk.

What is a Credit Limit?

The Creditsafe Credit Limit is a recommendation as to the total amount of credit that should be outstanding at any one time.

Why did we change our ratings & limits?

We adapted and enhanced our model to factor in even more detailed information and analysis to provide you with an even clearer picture of a business's performance and a more predictive score. With access to more detailed information and historical trend data than ever before we are continuously investing in and improving our credit risk algorithm. This means that we can adapt our risk analysis models to consider significant predictive factors in even more detail.

How will this affect you?

We have significantly enhanced the predictive level of the score for every company in our database. By combining additional risk factors with what we already know, we can continue to provide you with the most predictive, credible and reliable insights available. 

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