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Trade Payment FAQs

Trade Payment FAQs

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If you have any questions regarding Creditsafe's Trade Payment Data Program, please search the Frequently Asked Questions below:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the Trade Exchange Program?

Simply send an email to Creditsafe’s Trade Payment Data Team with your company and contact information and ask about the Trade Exchange Program. We will then contact you directly to guide you through the quick and easy process.

What if I don’t want all of my customers to know that I am reporting their transactions?

Creditsafe will never release the fact that you report on your customers without your prior written consent; unless it’s required by law. You have the right to tell all of your customers that you report their payment performance to Creditsafe but we will not do so ourselves. Additionally, your company name will not be included in any of our reports so that your participation truly remains anonymous.

Is there a fee for joining the program?

No! Participating in the program is completely free!

Are there any additional incentives?

Yes! Creditsafe provides all of the members of the Trade Exchange Program with a logo that they can use on their invoices and on their website to help aid them with credit collections. Additionally, Creditsafe also has a number of valuable additional incentives that you can take advantage of in reward for providing their Accounts-Receivables to Creditsafe – including possible Free Business Credit Reports, Free Data Cleaning, Free Data Appends and many more. Email us at for more information on our incentives.

What format do I need to send my file in?

Creditsafe is truly unique among the Credit Bureaus in that we will accept virtually any format as long as it contains all of the Fields needed (Company Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Company Account Number, Invoice Number, and the Dollars in Aging Categories). Although Creditsafe prefers to receive Trade files on an invoice level to provide more in-depth insight we can accept summary level Trade files as well.

How do I send my file?

You can send your file through email or through an FTP profile that we can create for you.

In addition to this Creditsafe offers a unique opportunity through the use of its extraction software. Our extraction software saves you time and is the most secure way to send your file as it will automatically be sent through the same secure methods as banks use for their transactions. This program is quick, easy and actually safer than sending your file through email.

How do I know my trade data will be handled securely?

Data is our Business. Creditsafe has been handling Trade Payment and other Financial Data for years and has state of the art processes to ensure the best in Data Security There are many internal processes in place to ensure that your data is handled securely from the time that it is sent to us until it is incorporated in our reports. For more information regarding how we will keep your data secure feel free to call or email us.

For more information call us at (855) 551-6903

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