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European Business Marketing Data

European Business Marketing Data

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Whether you are trading home or abroad the key to a successful marketing campaign is having accurate contact data. As the world’s leading provider of business information we have access to millions of company records across Europe and are able to offer marketing data solutions to help you expand your business in Europe.

European marketing data lists are available from the following countries:

Belgium Belgium

Finland Finland                     UK United Kingdom

France France

Germany Germany

Holland Netherlands

Ireland Ireland

Italy Italy

Luxembourg Luxembourg

Norway Norway

Sweden Sweden

Customizable Data

Our European Marketing Data Lists can be customized on over 20 variables, including:

  • Credit Rating & Limits
  • Contact Details
  • Country
  • Industry Code

Packages for new customers or renewing customers

Standard Package includes - 0 international prospects

Plus Package includes - 500 international prospects

Premier Pack includes - 1,000 international prospects



Additional Add-on Packages

 1,500 prospects

10,000 prospects

50,000 prospects


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