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Credit Data Cleaning Services

Credit Data Cleaning Services

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Even the most carefully managed customer records can degrade over time

Data is always evolving or decaying as customers move, change their names or status on a daily basis. Creditsafe’s credit data cleaning service simply and effectively check, clean, and de-dupe your US and International information to ensure it remains up-to-date and to maximize the effectiveness of your activity. Additionally, you can enhance the quality of your data by choosing to add a number of Creditsafe’s own data fields to your file.

Enhance your database by:

  • Removing duplicate records
  • Removing non-trading companies
  • Enhancing missing customer information
  • Appending employee numbers and revenue
  • Appending industry classification
  • Appending additional contact information
  • Appending new phone numbers
  • Appending currency type
  • Bulk credit checking your customer base

How can data cleaning help your business?

On average it has been estimated that B2B data decays at nearly 40% a year. Data constantly evolves and decays meaning that even correctly captured data entered into a company’s systems will become outdated and incorrect over time. This is why data cleaning is so important for your business.

How healthy is your data?

Whether your data is gained from direct customer contact, sales leads or simply purchased from data providers, if it is inaccurate or out-of-date, any campaign or customer contact will have diminished results.

  • Do you know what poor quality prospect or customer data is costing your business through lost leads, wasted resources, lower productivity or decreased morale in your sales force?
  • Are you sending a poor message about your organization to prospects through the use of incorrect data?

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