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Creditsafe Packages

Creditsafe  Packages

At Creditsafe we believe that all businesses should be able to protect themselves from the threat of bad debt.

Creditsafe believes that U.S. customers deserve more and better than they’ve had before. Our base packages serve as a starting point for you to custom tailor your annual subscriptions so that you only pay for the products and services that you need. Each package provides freedom access at a great value so you don’t have to worry how much a report is going to cost you because the more you use the less every report will cost.



The Standard Package =

The Standard Package is designed to act as an introduction to great value high quality credit information and is ideal for businesses without a dedicated Credit management team.

The Plus Package +

The Plus Package is designed to support an expanding business with a steady or growing portfolio of suppliers and customers and acts as a vital business support tool for the finance or credit professional.

The Premier Package *

The Premier Package is designed to act as a professional support system for the established and growing businesses with a significant client portfolio and those who already trade internationally. It provides all the solutions and business credit reports required by a professional credit management function.

*This includes a maximum of 15 Canadian and/or Mexican Business Credit Reports
**This includes a maximum of 30 Canadian and/or Mexican Business Credit Reports

***Additional charges will be incurred for selected countries

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