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Find New Customers and Grow Your Business with Minimum Risk

Find New Customers and Grow Your Business with Minimum Risk

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8 Tips on How to Engage Your Prospective Customers

Have you built a customer base and are you ready for the next stage of growth but aren’t sure how to reach new customers and grow your business?

In a world where people are becoming disenchanted with the sales pitch, more savvy when it comes to advertising and have a tendency to delete promotional emails, creating a targeted campaign which will cut through the other marketing noise needs precision and a range of methods to generate new leads.

Here are 8 ways to find new customers:

1. Think Like a Buyer

Understand your target audience, what they want, and more importantly what they are willing to pay for as solution to their problems. To do this effectively, you need to be able to start from the beginning and get an understanding of what issues your customers suffer from and how your solution would help them to combat these. Carry out a simple survey to your best customers because the Pareto principle suggests that 20% of your best customers will provide 80% of your total revenue.

2. Use the Power of Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is a very powerful avenue for generating new business. Finding powerful influencers that love you and your business in your target market can help you open many doors. These influencers will fly the flag for your company, and in turn will pass you warm leads. 

3. Know Your “X Factor”

Knowing what sets your products/services out from the crowd is a vital part of setting the tone of your value proposition. Once you know your “X-Factor” you can recognize your strengths and build on them.

4. Get Out of the Office

There are many exhibitions that are held by local Chambers of Commerce or specialist event organizers. The trick is to select the trade shows you participate in carefully then choose events that are specific to your products or service. 

5. It’s Good to Talk

Pick up the phone, many companies these days are very quick to send out mass emails or direct mailers and this can sometimes eliminate the personal touch. A well thought out telephone conversation can’t be put into a deleted items folder, and can lead to the beginning of a virtuous relationship.

6. Can You Sell Your Product or Service in 30 Seconds?

Know what you want to say in the first 30 seconds, as this is what is going to hook your prospect and keep them on the line. Having a structured call script will ensure that you can get your message across clear and concise.

7. Know Exactly What You Want to Achieve

You can’t expect to know when you have achieved your desired result if you haven’t got a well thought out goal; goals need to be SMART- Specific, Measurable, Realistic and Time specific.

8. Don’t Give Up

When prospecting for new business, there is no one-size-fits-all recipe for success; however, with perseverance, tenacity and the willingness to learn from your experiences, you will find that needle in the haystack. Keep positive. If at first you don’t succeed try, and try again!

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